I designed a collection for "Concours International Des Jeunes Createurs" a fashion show hosted by Talons Aiguilles in France. I was the youngest of 20 international finalists selected to create a collection inspired by Madonna's Erotica 1992 album.
The competition was judged by the French Fashion Designer Christophe Guillarme who has designed for Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, by the renowned photographer Yotam Shwartz who has photographed Sydney Sweeney, Sadie Sink, and The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Also by Sophia Elizabeth, the fashion curator and founder of The Spaghetti Archives featured in Vogue, and lastly Professor Francesca Vigna from Instituto Marangoni in Paris.
I was inspired by how Madonna redefined “erotica” and the idea of suggestion in the
outfit she wore in her music video “Fever”. The dress had flowers covering suggestive parts of
her body, yet without vulgarity. She had fringed sleeves reminding me of angel wings.
This led to the concept of how the word “Erotica” has had both views of embodying an
angelic goddess, yet also seen as dark and evil. This led to using the Angel Trumpet plant
and the Tacca Chantrieri flower as inspiration. I used the two plant species as a metaphorical
reference to how society perceived Madonna. So the Tacca Chantrieri flower is also known as
the “Devil Flower” or “Black Bat Flower”, while the “Angel Trumpet” is associated with angels
because of its white/yellow silhouette. 
Even though society fears the Devil flower
because of the name, the Angel Trumpet is highly poisonous, causing hallucinations and death. So the 2 flowers go against the perception of the ideas people associate with angels and the devil just like how Madonna changed the perception of what “Erotica” is. She showed that erotica isn’t something toxic and fatal, but it is beautiful in a suggestive way.
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