This project won first place in a competition for a scholarship from The Under Fashion Club x Cosabella. When approaching the prompt of making a non-gender lingerie collection, I wanted to not just do plain pieces with only neutral colors. My line works to break society's norm that only women can embrace femininity and that nothing can cross over when a person identifies themselves as male, non-binary, etc. I envision the customer to be someone who wants to bring body positivity through bold choices regardless of gender.
The French Rococo paintings by Jean Honore Fragonard inspired me. Rococo art incorporates delicate and curvy interlacing similar to the shapes of flower petals and the letters "c" and "s." Looking into art history, generally fashion pieces for males are designed to be rigid opposed to being curvaceous. I liked how Fragonard's work used these undulating forms and I brought those curves into clothing that people identifying other than females can also wear. The Rococo style is intimate, rich, delicate, light, and airy. The artistic era touched upon romantic mythological themes and lingerie is capable to enhance romance. 
I created my color palette to match the pastel and earthy tones that Fragonard uses. Then, I chose my fabrics and was influenced by the flowers in the paintings to include the lace selected. I incorporated ribbed knit into two of my designs for the customers who may want more casual garments. I also added lace and stretch silk charmeuse to challenge myself to use fabrics generally known to be used nothing more than for Womenswear.
My designs were ultimately created to redefine the definition of what non-gender fashion is where there's absolutely no limitations when it comes to materials in intimate apparel.
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